Saturday, January 14, 2017

2nd Oil Spill at Chek Jawa

The last oil spill that hit Pulau Ubin was about 7 years ago. Last week, Pulau Ubin was hit by another oil spill. From the media, it seem that this time round the spill was less severe. Nevertheless, is bad for the environment especially the effect on our very fragile shore at Chek Jawa.
Pulau Ubin
I decided to take a look and arrived on the island quite early. Most of the bicycle rental shop was not even open yet. Only the last one is open and there's where I rent my bike. I usually just hike all the way but decided to rent a bicycle as I'm planning to explore a few area and by bicycle will cut down a lot of walking times...   :)
Oil Spill Kit
Is scary to see the Oil Spill Kit everywhere. But the clean look of the kit give me some relief. Hopefully we don't need to use them at all.
sun shine, Pulau Ubin
 It was a nice ride to Chek Jawa with the beautiful view.
Chek Jawa Wetlands
I think I'm the earliest today. Didn't see anyone along the way.
Pulau Ubin, Chek Jawa
Yes. I'm the first one to arrive at Check Jawa today. Thats my only bike at the parking area.
 More spill kit when nearer to the shore.
 More tools are on standby.
Other than the boom in the water, the big yellow spill kit remain a reminder that this place was hit again by the oil spill.
 The bin or spill kit was place along the entire board walk.
oil spill
Not all spillage has been cleaned. The marks on the rock show that this part was affected by the oil spill.
oil spill
 Another part of the shore that was affected by the oil spill.
Chek Jawa
Since I'm here, why not go higher to look at the entire area from a vantage point.
 It was high tide this morning. The boom cover the entire shore to prevent further oil hitting the shore.
Atap tree
 Bird eye view of the mangrove below.
Everything seem back to normal. Bye Ubin! I will visit you again soon, and I will bring some friends from oversea with me. Stay healthy ok.  :)

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