Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Walk in St James Park, Londun

This is another long overdue post on my recent trip to London back in May this year. I managed to visit the park that is nearest to my hotel in the morning before leaving for airport back to Singapore.
St James Park Birdcage walk
 It was about 10 minutes walk from my hotel to get to St James Park at Birdcage Walk.
Greylag goose
The benefit of visiting new area is that you get to see new things, new animal... such as this Greylag goose.
Eurasian coot
This may not be my 1st time seeing an Eurasian coot. Is my first time seeing feeding Eurasian coot and such a near distance.
Eurasian coot
 Not to mention nest of Eurasian coot.
Eurasian coot
 I can even see their special lobed feet that they use to run on the water surface before taking off.
Egyptian goose
 Another new bird for me - Egyptian goose
Canada goose
 Canada goose is also my new record.
Tufted duck
 I seen Tufted duck in Japan and happy to see them in the wild again.
Northern pintail
 Northern pintail is another duck that I seen in Japan before and that was many years ago.
 This Smew is so cute. Good to see them here!
 I have never seen a Goldeneye before too.

Common shelduck
 This Common shelduck just sit there watching me busy taking photo.
Ruddy shelduck
When I saw Ruddy shelduck at Thailand, all of them are so shy and we have to keep a very big distance. Now I get to see them quite close.
Grey squirrel
This Grey squirrel just in time to say goodbye to me before I leave to catch my flight. Is a short 30mins walk in the garden, but an really nice walk.

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