Sunday, October 16, 2016

Birds of Amsterdam Part 2

This is the Part 2 of my posting of birds that I saw for my 3 days short stay at Amsterdam.
European herring gull
There are lots of gull around Amsterdam. Some of them too difficult to id so I file them a side. I hope I got this European herring gull right.
European rabbit
 Not difficult to spot this rabbit. I found them just next to the hotel I stay.
European robin
 Managed to take a photo of this small bird with my bridge camera - European robin
European starling
 One of the very common bird around Amsterdam - European starling
Not easy to see this duck over in Singapore. I'm happy to be able to watch it in such a short distance - Gadwall
Great black-backed gull
 This Great black-backed gull compete with rock pigeon for food right in the middle of Amsterdam.
Great crested grebe
 This is another new record for me - Great crested grebe
Great tit
 This is also new record for me - Great tit
Grey heron
Such a big bird how can I not taking a shot. Although I have seen it thousand times in Singapore... Grey heron 
House sparrow
 Another very common bird but uncommon in Singapore - House sparrow
 A pair of Mallard and chicks.
Muscovy Duck
 I believe this is the domesticated/hybrid Muscovy Duck
Northern lapwing
I have been wanted to see this lapwing for a long time. So happy to be able to see it here - Northern lapwing
Rose-ringed parakeet
A pair of Rose-ringed parakeet found in the middle of Amsterdam.

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