Thursday, January 28, 2016

North Thailand Trip - Day 3 San Ju Point Part 1

Our plan today is to explore the Eastern Slope of Doi Lang. Not too long ago, Eastern & Western Slope are link and we are allowed to bird at both side without the need to detour to East Gate to access the Eastern Slope. Heavy military presence today means we have to travel additional near to 200km to visit the other side of the national park. 
Chiang Rai Market
As usual, we stop by a market to get breakfast and lunch.
Chiang Rai Market, Thai noodle
These noodle will be our lunch for today.
Chiang Rai Market
The people here are all very friendly. We also get some dessert and as with most Asean countries, palm sugar is one of the main ingredients.
Chiang Rai Market

Chiang Rai Market, pan cake
We have pan cake & 'you tiao' for breakfast.
Doi Lang, Eastern Slope
We arrived at the East Gate slightly early at 6.55am
Doi Lang, Eastern Slope
We arrived at the paddy field after driving about 10 mins from the gate.
Doi Lang, Eastern Slope
We saw some swallow & long tail shrike.
Doi Lang, Sun Ju View Point
We stop at Sun Ju View Point for some nice view. The mountain at the background is Myanmar. We are again so close to the Thai-Myanmar border.
Pine cone
As we move higher, more pine tree are seen and is a good area to look for nuthatch.
cherry blossom
Cherry blossom is blooming and form a very beautiful pink canopy.
Doi Lang, Thailand

Doi Lang, Thailand

Doi Lang, Thailand
More scenic view with the insanely blue sky.
egg plant
Saw these 'mini watermelon' kind of egg plant on the road side. I have no idea of the actual name.
Doi Lang, Thailand
We stop at this check point for coffee break and there are some nice bird around here too... (to be continued.)

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