Sunday, November 8, 2015

Another Walkaround at Singapore Botanic Garden

Singapore Botanic Garden is one of my favorite place whenever I have some space time for photography. 
Singapore Botanic Garden
 One of the many statue in the garden, this one was hidden near the Ginger Garden.
Golden Web sipder
 Golden Orb Web spider with her super strength & sized web.

There are several pond in the garden and dragonfly is one beauty that you will not miss. Darting around water edge, the hotter the weather, the more active they become.
White Breasted Waterhen
 This White Breasted Waterhen searching for food along the water edge.
Monitor Lizard
This garden is also one of the few area where you get to see 2 very similar but different species of monitor lizard. On the left is the Malayan water monitor (Varanus salvator) and the one on the right is the Clouded monitor lizard (Varanus nebulous). How to tell the difference? It may be a bit difficult from far, if you look closely, the main difference is the position of their nostrils. The Clouded monitor lizard's nostrils are lie mid-way between the eye and snout.

Another game I like to play in the garden is to try finding the Cicada location. They can be heard singing loudly everywhere in the garden but is a challenge to locate or spot them. Once you see one, you see all. I got them on video too. 2 male cicadas fighting for one female...

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