Saturday, June 13, 2015

Marine Creatures at Singapore Coast

Take a break from the intense sea games and visited the coastal area of Singapore. Well, this is my 1st inter-tidal trip of 2015. That means is also my 1st SG50 inter-tidal trip!
Sea apple sea cucumber (Pseudocolochirus violaceus)
 The very 1st interesting sea cucumber that I saw is this Sea Apple Sea Cucumber.
Swimming crabs
Saw this very small swimming crabs feeding on seaweed.
Ball sea cucumber (Phyllophorus spiculata)
As the tide going further, more sea cucumber were spotted. Saw this Ball Sea Cucumber still trying to burrow into the sands.
Pink sea cucumber (Cercodemas anceps)
This Pink sea cucumber have a very striking colour and you won't miss it. It can be seen even from a distance.
Biscuit sea star (Goniodiscaster scaber)
There are very very few area left in Singapore mainland that sea star like this Biscuit Star can be found.
Sandfish Sea Cucumber (Holothuria scabra)
Another quite big sea cucumber that I found is this Sandfish Sea Cucumber
Sea Pen
I have not seen a Sea Pen for a while although seen it frequently while diving.
Stone Crab, Thunder crab (Myomenippe hardwickii)
Genie in the bottle? This Thunder Crab made full use of this discarded flower pot as his home.
Hermit crab
A very shy Hermit crab undecided if it should come out and play?  :)
Babylonia snail (Babylonia spirata)
A very beautiful Babylonia snail with the bright orange rim foot!
Hermit Crab
Another hermit crab with almost his whole body outside his host shell.
Saw this small fish before it burrow into the sands.
Salmacis Sea Urchin
Saw this Salmacis sea urchin just before I end my trip. A short trip to sea marine creatures without diving.

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