Thursday, May 21, 2015

Morning Walk at Bukit Batok Nature Park

The last time I visit Bukit Batok Nature Park, I saw a Malayan Colugo! Since it has been a while I last visit to this place, I was hoping I can catch a glimpse of another colugo. But no luck this time... 
Bukit Batok Nature Park
Theres a quarry cliff in this park and a must 'see' if you are coming to Bukit Batok Nature Park.
Bukit Batok Nature Park
Is difficult to tell if this place is park within jungle or jungle within park...
Giant Fern
There are lots of huge fern in the park
Giant Fern
The young fern give a great photo opportunity.
Bukit Batok Nature Park
Morning sun over the junction in the middle of the park
Quarry Cliff
Isn't this place beautiful?
Quarry Cliff
Warning sign on top of the quarry cliff.
White-Crested Laughingthrush (Garrulax leucolophus)
This White-Crested Laughingthrush (Garrulax leucolophus) have established themselves very well in this park although they are introduced.
Olive Wing Bubul
Olive Wing Bubul take a peep before flew away.
Yellow Vented Bubul
Yellow Vented Bubul wiping her bill after a nice breakfast.
Asian Glossy Starling
Usually come in flock, but this Asian Glossy Starling was alone when I saw it.
Brown Throated Sunbird
Female Brown Throated Sunbird feeding from flower to flower.
Striped Tit Babbler (Macronous gularis)
Striped Tit Babbler that like to stay under the leaves to hunt for insects/spiders.
Laced woodpecker(Picus vittatus)
Another beautiful bird that I saw was this Laced woodpecker.

This is a nice place for birding... should come back more often!

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