Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My First 2015 Trip to North Thailand

Is been a busy start of 2015! Travel, work, Chinese New Year celebration,... this has caused some delay in update of my posting...

This post was a summary of my recent trip to North Thailand back in late January. As usual, the best time to visit North Thailand is from late November all the way to February. The weather during this period is dry & temperature around 10-18 Celsius.

Changi Airport
I took this photo while I was waiting at the lounge before boarding time. The sun was about the rise from the east.
Doi Ithanon
We proceed to Doi Inthanon National Park upon arrival at Chiang Mai. Temperature was 13 degree... I enjoy this temperature as it was around 32 back in Singapore.

Blue sky with nice pink cherry blossom! Is really a great experience to walk under a rows & rows of cherry blossom tree.
I'm not sure what plant is this but I think is a kind of cabbage? These was planted as ornamental plants in one of the garden that I visited in Doi Anklang, another favorite mountain to visit at North Thailand during this period.
Although is 'winter' over at North Thailand, the weather was quite dry. The fallen leaves carpeted the whole road surface.
We stop by this coffee stall operated by the natives.
Coffee powder
I never tasted coffee this good! I bought 2 packet, my luggage was filled with nice coffee fragrance when I arrive in Singapore! Should have buy more packet.
Coffee break
This trip was a very relaxing trip, we brew coffee & enjoying our nice coffee while we bird watching!
I saw this life size elephant while on our way back to Chiang Mai from Doi Anklang. It was when we overtake this vehicle that I realize is not real elephant. It looks so real when we was behind.
Chiang Dao
We also stop by a new cafe near Chiang Dao. It has a nice garden outside the cafe.
Chiang Dao
The path that leads to the cafe...
Chiang Dao
One of the nice display in the garden.
Garden snail
Giant snail!
Chocolate bun
I got myself a cup of ice-blended mocha & a very unique choco cream custard bun. I enjoy this trip very much and I will put up some of the photos that I have taken while birding in my next post. :)

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