Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Year, New Calendar & New Book

I received a very special package late in the afternoon on the vary last day of 2014. Just in time to celebrate the new year!
Instead of plain colour envelope, this package come with a drawing of a bird. To be exact, is a drawing of a pigeon - “幸福之鴿”
ROC stamp
 Such an unique packaging, no doubt that this package has to be sent from Taiwan!
I was speechless when I unpack the package! OMG...  there are a total of 3 items and none of them can be bought here over in Singapore. One customised post card, one customised calendar and one very special bird guide/book - "Field Guide of Wild Bird in Taiwan" that was launched just a month ago. I was trying to get a copy when I was on holiday with my family at Taiwan just 2 weeks ago and I couldn't find it! This must be one of the best gift that I received of the year!

Both the post card and the calendar are some of the many great photos that taken by the sender. You really need to visit her blog to find out yourself. Do drop by 蔚藍手札 to be amazed by many of her great photos, travel experiences, nature, etc.
Field Guide of Wild Bird in Taiwan
This is Taiwan very first hand drawn bird guide published late last year. Thank you very very much Euphtw! It is now easier for me to id new birds that I saw in Taiwan!
 This book was published in October 2014.
Being able to id the bird is one thing, being able to pronounce their local name and communicate, talk or discuss it with the local is a totally different story. There are birds that having the same common name but are referring to two different species at different area or country. With this book, I am able to compare their scientific name and know how they are called or named in Taiwan. No doubt this is the best gift of the year.

On the side note.... more excuses to visit Taiwan again!  Haha...

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