Saturday, January 3, 2015

Kokokan - Gifts of the God

Is been a great 2014. I have been travel back to back in the last 2 months and finally find some time to pen down some of my trips.

This post was about my trip to a village in Bali in late November 2014.  There are thousands of birds that have integrated to the day to day life of a small village that I'm visiting. The villagers believed that these birds are the gifts from the God and hence give them the freedom to build their nest within their village and protect them.

The village is situated at Petulu Mountain in Bali, Indonesia. The village still maintain their traditional lifestyle have not change much except that they now have electricity supply.
Petulu Bali, farmer
Petulu is a very small village with population about 300. Agriculture is the main activity in the village.
Paddy field, Bali
 Probably another month or so and is time to harvest for rice.
Paddy field, Bali
Different from other area, the rice here are planted/harvest only once a year. I was told that the rice that are planted here today was the very same rice that was planted here long time ago and pass down from generation to generation. That explain why they only harvest once a year.  
Petulu bird watching
There are about 10 thousands birds in this village and the population here is just about 300. That adds up to be 300 birds to one resident! What a big ratio! There are 3 different birds - Little egret, Javan pond heron and cattle egret with the most in numbers and are know as Kokokan.
Cattle egret, Bali, Petulu
The birds are free to perch at any where in the village. From the tree branches, roof, lamp post and some just outside the window.
Cattle egret, Bali, Petulu
The first group of birds arrive at the village back in 7th November 1965 after a great ceremony in the village. That makes the villagers believe that these birds was the gifts from their God and vow to protect them.
Cattle egret, Bali, Petulu
What a magnificent sight to watch the birds fly in and out of the village freely and in a very very close distance.
Bird in flight
If you are looking at practicing your photography skill of taking bird's flight shot. This is a perfect place. There are always some birds that will fly pass you every one or two seconds.
Petulu heronry

Cattle egret in breeding plumage
 This Cattle egret (Bubulcus ibis) was just about 2 meters away!
Cattle egret in breeding plumage
Another Cattle egret that is just meters away, I didn't change the background or do anything on this photo. The bird is that close and is comfortable with my presence, so I have this macro shot effect. Haha...
Grand temple, Petulu, Bali
Every family have their own temple in their house and this is the main temple for the village.

Petulu Heronry, Bali
Just before I leave... selfie time with the Chief village. Thank you for his time and guide.

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