Saturday, August 2, 2014

Simpang Kiri Park Connector

Is been about 3 years since I last visited Sembawang and Simpang Kiri Park Connector. I have my first encounter with a wild cobra during my last visit.

Carry only with a compact camera, I go for a jog this evening.
Simpang Kiri Park Connector
It was high tide, so I wouldn't be able to see any waders if they do already arrived for their migration.
Simpang Kiri Park Connector
Follow this park connector, will be able to reach Sembawang park and the beach.
Spotted dove
Since, my purpose today is here for a jog. I only simply take some photo that I came across and if the subject are kind enough not to move when I trying to take a picture without long lens - such as this pair of Spotted dove.
Striated heron (Butorides striatus)
Little heron, also known as Striated heron slowly move to the water edge and prepare to hunt for fish.
Collared kingfisher
Managed to take a shot before this noisy Collared kingfisher fly away.
Javan myna
Javan myna are introduced species and is now one of the most common bird in Singapore.
Grey heron
Not difficult to take a decent shot of this big Grey heron with my compact camera. :)

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