Monday, June 23, 2014

Kawangkoan - the peanut city

Another city not to be missed when visiting Tomohon is the Kawangkoan - also known as the peanut city. This city is famous for its roasted peanuts. You can get a packet of roasted peanut everywhere at Kawangkoan but we go straight to the factory for fresh roasted peanut.
Kawangkoan - the peanut city
Worker spreading the peanuts to dry it under the sun.
Kawangkoan - the peanut city
The peanuts look good even before roasted.
The difference between the peanuts here and other country is the way the peanuts was roasted. Here, the peanuts are roasted using the black sand from the river nearby here at Sulawesi.
Roast peanut is not an easy job but somebody got to do it. Hats off to this lady.
peanut grading
The peanuts are sorted/graded according to their size.
Horse cart or Bendi, Andong, Delman
The traditional horse cart or is called Bendi, Andong, or Delman locally is one of the very common mode of transportation in Tomohon.

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