Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sea Food Lunch at Bangpu

For me, Bangpu is a well hidden secret place for birding especially if you are interested in terns and gulls. During the winter migratory period from late October to February, this place will be flooded by thousands of terns and gulls. I decided to include this special place to visit for my Thailand birding trip in Oct/November.

I took an early morning flight from Singapore & arrived at Bangkok around 9am. It was a busy day at Bangkok airport, it took about an hour to clear the immigration and claim my luggage. It was nearly 10.30am when my guide pick me up from the airport. We set off straight to Bangpu.
Bangpu Nature Education Centre
 The education centre is right at the entrance of the facility.
Bangpu Nature Education & Recreation Centre
 A very lovely landscape. The tree are trimmed to form the shape of birds!
Bangpu Nature Education & Recreation Centre
Right in the middle is the giant sized tern. Is not difficult to guess the star attraction here isn't it?  :)
Bangpu Nature Education & Recreation Centre
 Instead of going to the jetty, I go to the mangrove boardwalk & the hide/watch tower. The access is on the left of the education centre.
Bangpu Nature Education & Recreation Centre

Bangpu Nature Education & Recreation Centre
From the signs on the wall it tells us that this area indeed is an IBA (Important Bird Area). Number of birds that arrived at this area are count and recorded.
Bryde's Whale
On display outside the hide/watch tower is a Bryde's whale skeleton. I have no idea of the source or time this whale was found as there are no sign.
Bangpu Sea Food
This place is not just for bird watcher or bird lover, this place is also good for sea food  lover. We order 2 sea food dish for lunch, a dish of sea food with salted egg and
Bangpu Sea Food
 Sweet and sour sea food.
Bangpu Nature & Recreation Centre
The star attraction for most who visit Bangpu is this jetty. Lots of terns & gulls will visit here from October to February.

I'm so excited, I can see there are lots of terns and gulls from a distance away...   ( to be continued)

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