Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Blue Rumped Parrot of Singapore

With the size of merely 18.5cm and mostly in green colour, Blue-rumped Parrot (Psittinus cyanurus) are difficult to spot when they don't move around and perched on the tree.
Blue-rumped Parrot (Psittinus cyanurus)

Blue-rumped Parrot (Psittinus cyanurus)
After several attempts, I finally able to spot it and have a few shots. In Singapore, they are only found in the Central Catchment Forest and no where else.
Blue-rumped Parrot (Psittinus cyanurus)
Different from other flying birds, while feeding from fruit to fruit, they don't fly but instead 'walk' from fruit/branch to another. This stealthy behaviour really give watching them a challenge.
Blue-rumped Parrot (Psittinus cyanurus)
One of the best way to spot them is to look at the floor, their left over foods - in this case their favourite star-fruits.

They are believed to feed on the seeds of the star fruits, thus a wasteful eating style. However, from the left over food, it seems that they feed not just on the seeds. From the video that I recorded, it looks like they are also feeding on the fruit juice.

What do you think?

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