Friday, September 28, 2012

See Food, Sea Food

When I travel abroad regardless of which country, one place that I like to visit is their market. One of the best way to know the day to day life of the country that we are visiting is to look at what the people are eating!!

Likewise, when my foreign friend visit me last week, instead of telling him what we like & what is our favourite food, I bring him to one of our wet market. Sea food is one of the main diet among the people in Singapore and can be found in the cooking of all races!  

In the olden days, sea food used to be the source for protein but now is more for the satisfaction of our taste bud.
 From flower crabs
 Mud crabs,
 and the more exotic White-spotted shovelnose ray
 More sharks
 and Barred garfish.
This stingray was huge!

As a diver myself, is sad that I don't get to see them in the ocean but here in the market...

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  1. I love going to the fish market in various countries.