Monday, November 28, 2011

Monkey Business 4 - Happy Family

Saw this family enjoying the warm morning sun after the overnight rain at the Central Catchment Nature Reserve last week end.

This is their home and this is the place that they belongs to. There are plenty of food in the reserve and enough to feed every of their family member. However, things changed when people start to feed them. Out of convenience, out of curiosity and perhaps the fancy packing of humans food, some started to rely on human food instead of finding their own food in the reserve.

When they start to depend on humans food, they will become aggressive and start to snatch food whenever they see people eating or carry bag that look like carrying food. When the monkey 'walk out' from the forest, they can get themselves killed by the passing traffic.

Help them and also help ourselves...don't feed the monkey. Feeding the monkey is an offence and can be fined!

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