Friday, September 30, 2011

Stretching Dollarbird

Saw this pair of Dollarbird (Eurystomus orientalis) perched on this high vantage point waiting for any flying insects for breakfast. Dollarbird got their name for the 2 silver spots on their underwing when they fly.

Looks like the bird on the right equally puzzle by the sudden actions of the bird on the left. The bird trying to open (stretch) it's mouth as wide as possible without making any noise or call.

My curiosity was answered when the bird come back with one huge prey! From the hard elytra of the prey, this insect was indeed are dollarbirds' favourite food - beetle!
The bird on the right just look on but did not show any sign of interest or looking for free food.

After the attempt to swallow the beetle fair, the bird whack the beetle hard on the tree branch. Some fluid was seen splashing but not sure is from the bird or the beetle.

The bird did not manage to swallow the prey on the second attempt.

The whacking continue and more fluid are seen splashing.

The bird managed to swallow the beetle on the 3rd attempt.

The beetle completely swallowed by the bird.

After this observation, I am curious if the stretching before the hunt is planned in anticipation of bigger prey? The beetle was seen flying nearby but the bird did not go for it right away instead the bird take its own sweet time to do some stretching before the hunt.

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