Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monkey Business

It was the 2nd day of Parks Festival 2011 when I visited Singapore Botanic Garden. Among the many visitors to the garden, this monkey certainly happy to be part of the week long events.
Indeed, the presence of this monkey were welcome by many visitors who trying to take a photo with it in the background.

The monkey scanned through the content of the bin looking for food!

The monkey just sit on top of the bin and starts to consume the free food on the spot.

After the monkey was done with this bin, it just climb up the tree and cross over to other bin.

Is a good thing to be able to see the abundance of wildlife in Singapore! However, is not right for the monkey to search for food out of the forest. Lots of signs on 'No Feeding of Monkeys" were placed at the Nature Reserves but not at SBG yet.

For whatever reasons, this monkey decided to look for food out of forest and move to high human activities park/garden! Once more and more visitors feed the monkey, it is almost certain that the monkey will not go back to the forest. Whenever there's a conflict between wildlife & human, the wildlife always at the looser end. If we love this beautiful monkey, please help by not feeding them before they turn aggresive and have to be 'removed'.

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