Monday, January 10, 2011

Birds at Botanic Garden

Singapore Botanic Garden yet again proven to be a good birding place. I was at Botanic Garden over the week end, the weather is good and rather comfortable temperature thanks to the cold air from the North-East monsoon it was an enjoyable walk. This female Pink-Necked Green pigeon blend in so well with the vegetation here.

Spotted Dove a popular pet as song birds with the Rock pigeon at the background.
Another song bird that at one time almost extinct from Singapore - Oriental Magpie Robin.
This Large-Tailed Nightjar was awake and aware of my presence when I stop by to take a shot.
There are quite a number of White-breasted Waterhen in the garden. This one was happily swimming in the garden.
A female Asian Koel.
A very big and beautiful kingfisher, a Stork-billed kingfisher with a fish that she just caught.
Another not so common, Common Kingfisher taking advantage of the thick vegetation.
A winter visitor to the garden, a Black Bittern. After flying for a long distance, is time to replenish themselves with the fish in this pond.
Another rare winter visitor of the garden - a Hooded Pitta!
There are lots of other birds in the garden and I really don't mind going back over & over again. :)

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