Monday, January 24, 2011

Coppersmith barbet

Coppersmith barbet is one of the few birds that dig a hole on the tree to build their nest. These are series of photo showing the birds hard at work. Both male & female looks alike & just not possible to differentiate them in the field. They will take turn to chisel bit by bit their potential new home.

One of them will be at work at a time. They will first perch on a tree nearby, to ensure no predator around before flew to their new home to be.After perched on the tree branch of their new home, the birds will again check if there is any predator out there.
The bird is now ready to carry on the unfinished job.
A final check just before entering the new home to be.
Time to get job done... Here it go...get in and chisel bit by bit.
Mouth full of debris moving out of the new home.
Ah! Just dump it of from the top!

So the next time if you found debris of saw dust like materials fall on your head while picnic out there in the garden, someone must be hard at work on top of you.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Asian Koel

Most of the time Asian Koel (Eudynamys scolopacea) rarely come to the open and more often are heard than seen. Well, this female Koel can't resist the temptation of this fruit and decided to grab it even she have to expose herself completely!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Birds at Botanic Garden

Singapore Botanic Garden yet again proven to be a good birding place. I was at Botanic Garden over the week end, the weather is good and rather comfortable temperature thanks to the cold air from the North-East monsoon it was an enjoyable walk. This female Pink-Necked Green pigeon blend in so well with the vegetation here.

Spotted Dove a popular pet as song birds with the Rock pigeon at the background.
Another song bird that at one time almost extinct from Singapore - Oriental Magpie Robin.
This Large-Tailed Nightjar was awake and aware of my presence when I stop by to take a shot.
There are quite a number of White-breasted Waterhen in the garden. This one was happily swimming in the garden.
A female Asian Koel.
A very big and beautiful kingfisher, a Stork-billed kingfisher with a fish that she just caught.
Another not so common, Common Kingfisher taking advantage of the thick vegetation.
A winter visitor to the garden, a Black Bittern. After flying for a long distance, is time to replenish themselves with the fish in this pond.
Another rare winter visitor of the garden - a Hooded Pitta!
There are lots of other birds in the garden and I really don't mind going back over & over again. :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Myna vs Centipede

Chicken are known to feed on centipede, what I didn't expect was that Javan myna feed on centipede too. I managed to capture some shots by chance on Javan myna hunt & feed on centipede.
The myna spotted the centipede and pull it out from the soil, swing it to left & right very vigorously before swallow it.