Thursday, December 30, 2010

Birding at Melaka World Heritage City

Ever since Melaka declared as UNESCO World Heritage City, the number of tourist have been steadily on the rise. Most tourist will only interested in the historical building/structure. In fact there are more things to see or do in this old city and all within the same area! Bird watching is one of them! All the photos in this post are taken within 50 meters radius from the A Farmosa. I arrived in the late evening and this is what I saw. Flocks & flocks of birds are roosting on the tree that just next to the Melaka river where tourist taking the river cruise. As it was dark, I decided to pay a visit the next morning & I only have about 1.5hours in the morning before joining my friends for breakfast and other activities.

This Common Mynah on the good vantage point enjoying the cool morning breeze.
There are lots of birds that feed on this fig tree that are fruiting, including these Javan Mynah.
White-Bellied Sea Eagle gracefully glide on top of me. Nice pair of Asian Glossy Starling Yellow Vented Bulbul A female Asian Koel that often heard their call than seeing them.
Little Heron is waiting for prey at the side of the river.
This is quite a huge bird that looks like a vulture - a bold Large Billed Crow. Not sure what happen to the feathers.
A pair of Thick-Billed Green Pigeon
Brahminy Kite
As with other urban area, this invasive species - Crow is every where.

How nice to be able to see this cute little Coppersmitch Barbet!

Oriental Magpie Robin, didn't give me a second to take a proper shot.

Black-Napped Oriole with the very bright yellow feathers.

Tree sparrow
Pink-Necked Green Pigeon is enjoying this big local fruit.
A pair of White-Throated Kingfisher

This 1.5 hours is really well spent! Birding in Melaka, why not!!

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