Monday, July 19, 2010

Raining Birds

Despite the heavy downpour and flash flood yesterday, we proceed with our planned birding trip to Pulau Ubin. We share a cab in order to reach Changi Jetty before 7.30am, CHL stay furthest, so he get a cab first and pick me up before we pick Ling. We arrive at Pulau Ubin as planned right before 8am.
The first bird that I saw was this very shy Lesser Coucal. It may looks very similar to Greater Coucal from far, however Lesser Coucal is smaller and with the very distinctive white streaks which Greater Coucal don't haveOne of the reason we want to reach Ubin early is to catch this pair of White-bellied Sea Eagle. They will perch here early in the morning and will flew off when the temperature rises.
A curious Yellow-Vented Bulbul checking on us.I saw this Blue-throated Bee-eater last week being fed and is now hunting his own food today.
A Common Myna that once very common now are found usually near coastal area. The weather changed rather fast and it was drizzling and we know is time we head back to the mainland.
Once back to mainland at Changi Village, we go for breakfast while waiting for the sky to clear. Saw these flocks of Rock pigeon fly in a straight line so I just took a shot of it.
There is no sign that the rain will stop so we proceed with our birding with umbrella around the Changi Village. AS usual, is not difficult to locate this very noisy but beautiful Pink-breasted Parakeet.
This pair of Tanimbar Corella in a lovey dovey mood...
Not a bad idea to go for birding in a raining day!

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