Saturday, July 24, 2010

Olive-Backed Sunbird

My last trip to the North Sulawesi indeed was an eye opener for me.
When I first saw this beautiful sunbird, is so familiar and yet not too sure if this is an Olive-backed sunbird. Something was different from the Olive-backed sunbird that I used to see back in Singapore.

After double check on the guidebook when return to Singapore than I realise this one indeed a Olive-backed Sunbird and belongs to another sub-species - Nectarinia jugularis plateni (sulawesi). The main difference is the yellow facial-strips (as shown in the photo above)

These are the Olive-backed Sunbird that I used to see in Singapore and belongs to N. j. ornata. Very similar to the sunbird that I saw in Sulawesi but without the yellow strips.

There is always something new and something to learn on every trip! Wow!

Reference used: Birds of South-East Asia (New Holland), Birds of Wallacea (Dove).

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  1. Truly amazing bird and the photos. Thanks for sharing. Its hard to find anything colorful like that here where I live. Anna :)