Monday, June 14, 2010

Nut Cracker

You might think that these photos was taken in the Bird Park isn't it? No! It was taken in one of the most frequently visited public beach. These photos was taken at Changi beach to be exact. All photos & video were taken with just my compact camera! It was not a birding trip so I did not carry my standard birding equipment.

These cute cockatoo birds are in fact introduced to Singapore through bird trade few decades ago. Some escaped and have established here in Changi. They are called Tanimbar Cockatoo (Cacatua goffini).

At times you can even see flocks of up to 30 looking for their favourite food on the ground. However, it was not these colourful flowers that they are looking for.

Their favourite food is the Sea Almond fruit/nut.
Their powerful bill can easily crack open the fruits and go for the nut inside.

The Sea Almond fruit was crack opened neatly and the birds only interested in the nut that sit right in the middle.

This clip was taken with just my compact camera and see for yourself how smart these birds are.

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