Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chek Jawa on 1st Jun 2010

The first thing I saw from a distance when I arrived at the Chek Jawa Boardwalk this morning was these 2 birds. They are crossing path!
The Grey Heron & White-bellied Sea Eagle are like 'rubbing shoulders'! Not sure what are they up to initially.
When they start to pull a part, now is clear that the sea eagle is in the hunting position!
Yes! The white-bellied sea eagle got his prey!
Both of them go the separate way...
The grey heron decided to look for food at the water edge.
Oh! Is a nice Ball Sea Cucumber!
and Sea Anemones too!
There are lots of small fishes in the tidal pool! Is a relief that I don't see any casualty after the oil spills clean up!
The fiddler crabs are doing just fine as well!
Nice Collared Kingfisher waiting for his prey too.
Another bird that actively feeding is this Great-Billed Heron.

With all this signs, the situation at Chek Jawa is quite promising. Hopefully this good sign will continue.


  1. Wow what a nice photo collection, excellent moment captured. Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed it especially because I love birds in action too. Anna :)

  2. Hi Anna- Thank u! It was a total mess last week when the oil hit the shore!

  3. amazing photos, how wonderful to see the sea eagle and heron passing so close to each other...

  4. I was stunned for a while if I should track the heron or the sea eagle. By the time I go for the sea eagle, I missed the vary moment when the sea eagle got the prey!...