Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spotted Wood Owl Preening

Is always an enjoyable experience to watch the behavior of the birds in the wild. I was lucky enough to have found this beautiful large owl - Spotted Wood Owl (Strix seloputo).

Since owl is an nocturnal bird, which means they will roosts in the day and only active in the night. There are several reasons why animals show nocturnal behaviour, avoid predation being the number one reason, get away from the heat, competition for food, etc.

I have been visiting this owl several times this week on different time but all in the day and this have given me more knowledge about this bird and at the same time also more questions too! Do nocturnal birds preen in the day or night?

I have seen this owl yawn, doing stretching as well as preening in the day! Not sure if this is normal for just Spotted Wood Owl or is there any other nocturnal birds showing the same behaviour?

At times the owl will yawn, in the middle of roosts

Stretching of wings
Stretching of wing & leg

More preening
Give me a Five... or Three!
The owl was seen preening in the day several time and will continue to roosts.

I have it on video during one of my visit showing the owl doing preening in the middle of the day!

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