Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oil Spill at Chek Jawa

Is probably every Singapore nature lovers nightmare - oil spill have hit Chek Jawa!!!

I was at Chek Jawa this morning and the rescue operation is still going on there. Oil marks remain on this palm tree after the cleaning of this part of beach has been done.
This could be the result from yesterday cleaning awaiting for disposal.

Either the impact was so light or the effect was not felt yet as the fiddler crab seems to be OK at this point of time. I didn't check the inter-tidal area as I was only observe from the boardwalk.
Sekudu seems clear...
However, boardwalk nearer to house No 1 is not so lucky. Rescue/cleaning work is still in progress and you can even see from far...the pillar are stained with thick layer of oil!
Sausage like float was used to prevent the oil from hitting the shore?
A closer look at the float
Worker are rushing against time to remove oil from the fragile shore
Oils that hit Chek Jawa shore
A close up look on the the foreign object deposit that landed on the Chek Jawa shore.
Hats off to these worker in keeping the shore clean.

Video footage on the cleaning work.

More rescue workers are mobilised!

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