Sunday, January 24, 2010

This is not a toy!

We all knew that plastic bag is dangerous to children so as to sea turtles as they will mistakenly eat them as jelly fish! That is why most plastic that used for wrapping new garments are printed with the warning "This Is Not A Toy!". But, do you know that plastic bag is also dangerous even for birds!!!
This Myna was trapped by a plastic bag when she try to collect the plastic bag for nesting?? I'm not sure the reason but it almost choke by the plastic!
Due to the strong wind, the plastic wrapped the birds when the direction changed.
This poor bird trying to escape from the strangling plastic.
After more than 5 minutes of trying...
Finally managed to escape from choking to death!
What a relief....
The bird a smarter now and stand on a different direction (tail wind)to prevent the same accident again!The bird now learnt that is dangerous to handle plastic of this size so it let the plastic go...
Another piece of high rise rubbish..... will the bird get charge? For throwing rubbish from height? Or perhaps the person who dispose the plastic should be charged!

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  1. Excellent post as always. I heard that Albatros are also consuming lot of waste from the sea. This is really bad for the environment. Thanks for the awareness. Anna :)