Saturday, December 19, 2009

Where is your Pet?

I can't remember how the conversation of considerate pet owner started but I remember telling my friend that I have few very cute pet birds at home. They then starts asking how I keep them clean, how I feed them,...etc with all kind of question. Well, I told them why don't you pay me a visit and I show you how in detail! I also told them that the condition is that they can only come in the morning as I usually play with my pet in the morning. Haa! Perhaps we are busy so we left this matter as it is.....

Well, I do feed the birds but they are not just my pet!! They are free to come and go.... they are Olive-backed sunbirds that visit my flower pot everyday without fail to collect the nectar produce by my hoya plant. Are they my pet? Yes, as I do feed them.... No, they are free to come and go!
This is a perfect way to own a pet yet without all the messy cleaning or maintenance. In fact is a real 'Pet for life' as AVA is promoting. There is no question of abandon your pet as they are free to come and go!
Isn't this a more sustainable way of owning a pet? :-)

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  1. Oh that is one nice pet, I would love to have one like that too, lol.

    BTW I dropped by to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Lots, lots of happiness. Also I wanted to send warm thanks for being a good blogger friend. Appreciated. Anna :)