Saturday, December 26, 2009

Real Wild Life within Singapore Zoo

"Why do you want to look at the captives animals? We can always go to park or nature reserves if you really want to have some wild encounter!". This was what my friend ask me when I told him that I'm visiting zoo on Christmas day...

But one thing he didn't realise was that there are lots of real 'local' wildlife in the zoo and they are NOT in the Captivity!!! I'm not interested with those animals in the enclosure but the real wildlife that can be found within the zoo itself. Many wild animals have chosen to stay in the zoo due to available of foods and most importantly, for protection.
So I visited zoo with some friends on Christmas day and here are some of the wildlife that we encountered! Immediately after the entrance, we saw this beautiful Hasselt's Spiny spider, Gasteracantha hasseltii . In fact, there are so many of them until we are lost count of the actual number that we saw. Is Christmas, the flower of this palm tree really looks like snow flakes! This make the Green Crested lizard even more stunning.
This is an juvenile Cloded Monitor Lizard, Varanus bengalensis nebulosus.
Saw lots of caterpillars in this small patch of area. No wonder so many wild birds are attracted to zoo.
This cute squirrel is having his breakfast in the zoo too!
There are lots of birds flew pass overhead such as this Milky Stork. Although this bird are seen in the zoo compound, they are free to come in and leave anytime!
Another beautiful flying bird that I saw was this juvenile White-bellied Sea Eagle.
And more of the Milky storks!!!There are lots of water ponds in the zoo which attracts Kingfisher, such as this Stork bill Kingfisher.
Not forgetting this Olive-winged Bulbul.
Oriental Magpie Robin, This Broadbill Crow was drinking water from this tree cavity.
A very elegance Rufous-tailed tailorbird, Orthotomus sericeus
I also saw this Little heron!
The next time when you visit zoo, don't just go for the captive animals.....spend some times, slow down your pace, there are lots of real wildlife waiting for you to go and discovered!


  1. I visited Singapore zoo many years back and was impressed by the open zoo-more like a sanctuary for animals. It was nice to see the creatures in your blog. The highlight of my visit was a large pied hornbill flying free!

  2. Hi, those free flying birds are the added attraction indeed! cheers!

  3. Very nice pictures. Stumbled across your blog as we were at Singapore Zoo on Christmas Day 2009, although didn't notice the wildlife were getting married!!! :-) Couple of hours having pictures with horse drawn carriage.

    Did appreciate the wild life on other occasions though, one day cycling we saw lizards, eagle, snake, grasshopper, butterflies....and wild dogs!

    All the best, James.

  4. Hi James - The wildlife are unpredictable and will not stay at the same place all the times. This make it more interesting isn't it?

    Thanks for dropping by.