Sunday, November 22, 2009

Whooper Swan Watching at Hyoko Lake (Japan)

It was a fantastic experience to watch beautiful Whooper Swan in Japan during autumn. We depart from Changi Airport to KLIA for transit and took another 6 hrs to Narita Airport, Japan. From the airport, took another 6 to 8 hours train to Lake Hyoko via Nigatta. It was a long and tiring journey, but is worth it!
The Whooper swans are the autumn visitors to Lake Hyoko and they flew here to avoid the cold winter from the north. The Whooper swan looks so elegance and really stands out among all other birds there. There more than another 10 species of different birds(ducks) living at the Lake Hyoko.
Understand that Whooper swan stay with their mate for life! These 2 pairs of couple are showing each other their strength!
We often see this in martial art movie...walking on water! Whooper swan have no problem doing that.
I like to hear they like a car trumpet! Their singing melodies are made of 6 or 7 rising and descending notes.The wing span can up to 2.3m and can live up to eight years!
The juveniles stays with their parents and can be easily recognise by their grayish plumage.
The lake are also support more than 10 different spicies of birds.
Including these raptors.
The local authority take pride with their rare migrant and embrace it with lots of activities! Is a win-win both for the birds & also locals to turn this annual event to eco tourism.

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