Friday, November 13, 2009

Mass Runaway

One of the die, die must visit during this time of the year will be Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. There are lots of migratory birds will stop here for refueling and this will be a good opportunity to spot all the rare visitors.
Those who are equipped with long lens will zoom in to take the close up shots of the birds especially those rare visitors. Since I don't have a a big canon, I just sit back to watch different species of birds sharing the same piece of land and feed on different foods that are available. Different species of birds feed on different foods based on the shape/length of their bill. Those with longer bill will be able to reach deeper into the mud to feed on burrowing animals such as bivalves.
Once a while all the birds will fly away almost at the same time and several time I observed that it usually starts with Red Shank.What a magnificent view to see thousands of birds take off at the same time where usually only get to watch on TVs!... But, what causes all the birds panic and send them to take-off at the same time?The answer is their predator... I managed to spot this bird of prey, White-bellied Sea eagle flew pass. Thanks to this sea eagle I got to watch this mass runaway at Sungei Buloh.

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  1. Yes it is magnificent view! Thanks for sharing, a big WOW on my part. May be one day I get to see that many all at once. Anna :)