Monday, November 30, 2009

Face to face with the Lesser Adjutant storks

After touched down from my Japan trip for less than 24 hours, I'm on my way to another short trip. This time round, I was on a short trip to Malacca with few nature friends over the Hari Raya holiday. The trip to Parit Jawa was an impromptu and I decided to pay a visit there while I was on my way back to SIngapore in the plane after my fantastic experience at Japan watching the Whooper Swans.
Since Parit Jawa was not too far from Malacca, it took just about an hour by car from Malacca so I felt that this is the best opportunity to visit there.
It was about a decade ago since I last visited Parit Jawa known as a haven for the lesser adjutant.
The minute I get out of the car, I saw this big bird with a bold head - unmistakable appearance of Lesser Adjutant (Leptoptilos javanicus) undeterred by the construction of the new jetty. Thanks to the protector of the Lesser Adjutant - Mr Mansur Poh. Mr. Poh has for many years been speaking/fighting for the Lesser Adjutant to be protected and make Parit Jawa their home. His passion that gave Lesser Adjutant a place to live freely and that we get to see Lesser Adjutant in the wild year after year.
The tide is not very low when we arrive yet we get to see at one point 6 of them at one corner. From what we hear from the resident there, the best time to watch Lesser Adjutant is during low tide. That's when they feed actively and will come close to the shore/jetty area.
Series of photos of this rare birds. I took this photo which comprises of Lesser Adjutant, Black-caped kingfisher (Halcyon pileata) & the Pacific Swallow so that you is easier to visualise the size of Lesser Adjutant.
Other than Lesser Adjutant, I saw 3 Collared Kingfisher not too far from one another. This show that the population there is very healthy.
This Little Egret is having a big meal-look at the size of the Giant Mud Skipper! The Egret just swallow the whole fish.
There are lots of Pacific Swallow too perched on many pole that are available there.
Just as every thing was so calm, suddenly an eagle appear and all birds just 'run' fly for their life. However, the eagle did not manage to get any birds on the first 2 attempts.
I have no idea what eagle is this. The sky getting darker and starts to pour heavily after few minutes.
How can we miss the famous food of Parit Jawa - Assam Fish. Asam fish is dish where fish is cooked in tamarind (asam) fruit juice. While waiting for our food to be served, HW try her luck at the lottery.
For PT, this is the first time she come face to face with the Lesser Adjutant.My favourate 'Teh Peng' (iced tea with milk).
These are some of the dishes that we ordered, Sambal sotong!Special tofu of Part Jawa
The main dish - the Asam Fish!
Look at HW face you know this is one of the best fish we ever had.
The fish almost gone..... look at the empty plate behind, the foods are really fantastic!
The fish is gone!
HW try to get every piece and bits of meet out from the fish.
What a fantastic outing we had!

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