Sunday, October 25, 2009

Water For All

I have been heading North to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve for the past few week ends and decided to go eastward this morning instead.
I don't have a specific destination in mind of where to explore this morning so I stop at a monsoon canal that I came across. It was between some factory and fish farms! A very interesting border that keep two different industry apart. I saw a very big sign saying "Water for All, Conserve, Value, Enjoy". I can't help but take a photo of it since the carpenter bee willing to pose for me.

In fact water is one of the very important resources, it is also the responsibility of everybody to help to protect it. The easiest thing that we can do to protect this important resources is to prevent our rubbish getting to all canal, waterway, river, etc. Next to the sign in the monsoon canal, lots of fishes are dump or brought by the water from the side drain into the canal. The fishes are from the same species and the size are almost the same, this show that this fish was raised/breed and not wild. How could they end up in the canal?
They are everywhere along the canal. What have happened?As I follow the canal, the dead fishes are all the way up to the river nearby.There are lots of water birds nearby and they seem don't have interest on these free food. The little egret (Egretta garzetta) just ignore the dead fish that floating and flowing in the river. There are also few grey heron & little heron.All rather hunt for food themselves such as the little egret above. I'm puzzled of where the fish might came from? Could it came from the farms nearby? Most likely the farms are using the water from the canal and there is a change of chemical balance that kill so many fishes in a short time? How the dead fishes can get into the canal?...

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