Sunday, October 18, 2009


We were at SBWR on Saturday morning supposedly meant to be a migratory bird watching trip. However, realise that all the pond are flooded! So, we take our own sweet time to slowly walk and enjoy the tranquility ( not really though as it is quite crowded, must be due to the long week end) ...

Before we end our walk, we went to the Main Hide to do a last check. I saw something moving & struggling at a distance. Looks quite big but I'm not sure what it is until I use my camera as my scope to check what is happening.
Is a huge monitor lizard! The lizard caught a prey and is still struggling with it. But, I can't tell what is it. I'm so curious to know what it is... could it be a bird?
The lizard try to swallow it without success several time... so, the lizard throw it out and advance few steps.
Another attempt, I still can't figure out what the lizard has caught! I do know the prey is now red .... cover in blood? Mammals? Birds?Can't remember this is 9 or 10th attempts.Now the lizard is even further...
Looks like the lizard almost swallow it ... yet still fail!
Finally the mystery solved! Is a huge FISH! Look at the size of the fish! Is even bigger than the lizard's head! No wonder the lizard have to struggle to get the fish out of water...

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