Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Fights...within enemies & friends

I was attracted by loud noise on the tree opposite me during one of my trip last week end. It was commotion between myna and crow over piece of food, I think. Not sure who found that big piece of food first, myna or crow? Or if the commotion started on the tree or ground. However, when I pass by the tree, the fight shift from tree to the ground.First 2 crow first flew away from the tree and land on the ground, follow by the mynas. Just look at the formation!The myna might not as big as the crow, but they have the number and their reinforcement is still pouring in. One of the crow flew away back to the tree so as half of the Mynas.Look at the stand off between Mynas & crow.

So far the fight just stop at formation and did not really escalate to the real fight.
Suddenly, the other crow flew back to the ground with the big piece of food in the mouth.

This crow try to land slightly away from the stand off.
Before the crow landed, the other crow suddenly charge at this crow that about to land directly towards my direction.

A very narrow escape! The crow earlier managed to evict the attack from supposedly own friend and flew away. Without this big piece of food, the Mynas disperse too. Come to think of it, could the commotion originated among the crows and the Myna just look for opportunity to take advantage of the food??
p/s - I got a shock looking through the view finder of my camera when the crow flew to my direction.... it was like flying directly to me with full speed. Luckily, it turn away and stop when miss the attack on the other crow.

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  1. Wow excellent story. These are some cool photo series of the fight. lol to me all look like crows, too. Anna :)