Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rhythm Of The Rain

It was a wet Sunday and the rain with thunder storm cover many parts of Singapore. I was at Pulau Ubin (the island spared from urban development with rich wildlife & biodiversity & probably the last place in Singapore where time freeze at 70's where house with zinc roof still can be found)

It was a very long time ago the last time I sit under a zinc roof building listen to the rhythm when the rain drop on it. Is so soothing and really bring back lots of my childhood memories. Houses which built with zinc or 'atap' (leaves of nypah palm) is consider history in this highly urbanised country.

The storm came in shortly after we have some nice shot of termite mushroom & some birds. I'm not upset we have to cut short our exploration but instead I embraces it! This give me another opportunity to sit down and do what I do back at the old days. It also gave me lots of opportunity to use my new Olympus ePen to shoot in HD video. I really miss those days when I can sleep with the nice rhythm of the rain hitting on the roof especially at night!.... the price to pay for urbanisation. Perhaps?

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