Monday, September 28, 2009

Pulau Ubin (27 Sep 09)

Pulau Ubin just few minutes boat ride from Changi Point Ferry Terminal is one of the nature spot I like to visit.
What a fantastic way to start a day greeting by Straw Headed Bulbul! Not just one but two! These birds are considered globally vulnerable to extinction! Is often heard than seen and shy by nature. Is not easy to have a clear shot of these birds.Scaly breasted munia was busy feeding and usually come in a flock.A young water monitor lizard was resting on a branch near the water.
I was at Kinabatangan river last week and this scene is quite common there. We have it too in Singapore! Flocks of water birds will fly pass our head every few minutes at Ubin.This King Fisher is waiting for his prey before making a dive from this vantage point.
A rather small in size this wood pecker was checking this tree for food.A pair of Yellow vented bulbul was captured beautifully when they are about to fly off.
A nice coloration from this lizard just opposite where I took the yellow vented bulbul.
Is an good trip to Pulau Ubin this Sunday morning. However, lots of vegetation are cleared especially along the beaches and saw groups of worker was surveying the area. I hope whatever is going to be constructed will have minimum impact on this peaceful and beautiful island!

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