Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monitor Lizard

I always told myself not to leave home without a camera... now I must update my statement again. Not to leave home without a camera that can shoot in reasonably good video!
As I was heading for dinner last Saturday, I came across this pair of water monitor lizard 'fighting' in a monsoon canal. It was about 7+pm and is quite dark when I saw something moving in the canal. I quickly move closer and use my mobile phone to take the video of it. How nice if I have the other camera with me? Is too late to go back and take the camera...

The quality of the video is not so good but still able to see what is happening. I didn't know are they really fighting for territory or part of the courtship ritual since I don't know much about them. But they really looks like they are hugging each other...

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  1. Yes I must do the same, the minute I say I will just leave my camera home today, something unusual shows up. That's life, always works against you sometimes, lol. Oh well, hope all is good with you. Anna :)