Sunday, September 13, 2009

Many Faces of Olive-Backed Sunbird

This series of Olive-back sunbird was taken earlier this month and would like to share with you the many faces of this cute little bird.This was a female sunbird standing near a hibiscus flower that almost the same size. Sunbirds with small, long and decurved bills perfect for feeding on nectar and insects!Since they have a rather small body, they are very active and agile! They can easily meneuver around the dense growth.

The sunbirds have no problem dashing around from branch to branch.
The sunbirds can have access to the nectar easily with their long tongue.
The do stretching too.
Sunbirds sometimes do behave like a robber. According to Luan Keng, the bird pierce through outside of the flower to collect the nectar. By doing this, the sunbirds does not pollinate the flowers at all. The nectar probably too deep for the sunbird to get so they start to rob the nectar instead by piercing from the outside. A very smart move.

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  1. Excellent shots of the sunbrids. What a cool beak, lol. Thanks for sharing, Anna :)