Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Magpie Robin

Magpie Robin used to be very common in Singapore but was almost wipe out during 70's due to illegal trapping for the cage-bird trade and competition from the Mynas.

Is a good sign to see juvenile Magpie Robin roam and feed freely at Botanic Garden.

Saw this juvenile Magpie Robin last Sunday when I visit Botanic Garden with Ling.
This juvenile is very 'playful', it will not miss any thing that is above the ground such as this flower petal.Those that are under the ground also will not be missed such as earth worms.
This bird is a rather hard working one.
The bird will close their 'eye-lids' (nictitating membrane) whenever they caught a worms and flick it to the air to remove the soil. This translucent membrane will prevent the soils get into the eyes and act as a protection for the bird. Once the worm is cleaned, the bird will just swallow it.

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