Friday, June 26, 2009

Who uses the most Velcros?

Have you ever encounter sponges or seaweed that moves? Well, is not illusion and most likely you have just encounter the real camouflage master – Velcro Crab (Camposcia retusa)!
The crab are so smart and select only suitable sponges, algae, coral, detritus, and any items that is available onto its body to match its background.
Holding of these items firmly on their body made possible with dense hooked-hairs that are all over their body. The hairs act like Velcro which it is named after.
The attached sponges and algae often continue to grow. The crabs move very slowly and when they stay still, it is almost impossible to spot them.

The underside of the Velcro crab. Even the underside is also covered with bits and pieces of the materials that matches the background.Another Velcro crab that doesn't looks like a crab at all!

Many of the technology that we use today, a lot are from the animals, from the nature that some don't even know their existence. So, who invented Velcro? Who use the Velcros technology most widely? Human or crabs?

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