Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hantu Exploration

It has been a year and the half since I last visited Hantu during low spring tide. After meeting at Marina South Pier at 2.30am, the boat took about 40 mins before we arrived at Pulau Hantu. Hantu in Malay means ghost! There are many stories on why this island was name after ghost. One of the story link it to owl. It was believed that there are lots of owl on the island some times ago. Owl in Malay was called burung hantu thus the name Hantu was used. Which is the true story?... I really don't know :)
One of the very first creature that I saw was this flathead.There are lots of Common sea star (Archaster typicus) on the sandy area.As we move to the lagoon, I saw this toadfish that is about 20cm from head to tail.One of the first slug of the day is this beautiful Bornella stellifer nudibranch.
Silver(Ag) found this very small nudi (about 1.5cm). Check several resources and discuss with CH too. This slug looks like another unknown Gymnodoris.Another fish that we saw was this snake like eel.Another fish that we saw was this fish that is similar to Scorpion fish.Octopus!!Most poisonous crab of Singapore! - Mosaic Crab
So as the next 2 most poisonous crabs in Singapore, a Red Egg crab & Brown Egg Crab.

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