Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Encounter with Fireflies

What a sad story to hear that another fireflies breeding area is diminishing soon. People around the world paid to get to the site where fireflies can be found to look at these wonders created by nature. Yet, there are people just didn't realise what they have lose. Is always the coolest thing to do just sit down and watch their luminous flashes of light that is truly a magnificent after the sun-set and right before the night falls.

On my recent trip to Taiwan, I was lucky enough to visit 2 areas with fireflies. Fireflies watching are usually carried out during summer when the temperature are warmer. I was told to try my luck by the locals as it is still early spring when I visit those 2 areas.
The first site that we went was a forest about 5 km away from our accommodation. After dinner about 7pm, we decided to try our luck to see if there are any fireflies. We were told not to turn on torch light as it will cause the fireflies to go hiding. The sky was quite bright as it happens to be full moon on that night and we have no problem walking without turning on our torch.
Yes. We are lucky that there are some fireflies activities. I’m using long exposure time to capture the blinks of these synchronous fireflies.

It was during day and totally not planned for when I visited the 2nd site. We were at a hill top for bird watching and were told by locals that there is a very nice valley not far away. So I decided to give a try and it turns out to be another fireflies breeding area. Yeah! How lucky!
The path to the valley are covered with pebble stone and looks like a dry river bed.
The road became narrower and the air are more humid as I go deeper (and there are more ferns include tree ferns too).
The entire path are in fact covered with pebble stones! There are water ponding on some part of the trail and there are lots of mosquitoes. Whenever it rains, the rain water will flow through this tiny valley to the lower area. This valley or ‘crack’ was actually the creation of prolong flowing of rain water.
Half way through the trail, I saw lots of flying insects hovering in front of me and whenever I get near, they flew off and I don't know what they are. So I just simply take out my camera and take a photo. After upload to my pc then I realise they emit lights!I search the floor around that area and I saw something very familiar! Yes is fireflies! I been trying to find out more info on fireflies on what they do during day and if they really hide during day time. Does this means that fireflies also active in the day?? Could the flying insect fireflies too?? ... i really don't know

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