Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ghost Crabs @ Tanah Merah

Is been quite a while since I last explored inter-tidal area. I was at the Adex yesterday with CH and she reminded me that the tide although not too low but good enough to explore some inter-tidal area.
After get in touch with a few contacts, RY suggested that we go Tanah Merah and here I am at Tanah Merah at 4+am.
The minute we step onto the sandy area, there a lots of fast running animals!?... It was Ghost Crabs running every where. They rush to their burrow before we even get near.
However, we saw one crab didn't run away from us nor have any intention to run at all.
I slowly walk near the crab and get this shot. This is the first time I take photo of ghost crab just right in-front of me in less than 20cm. Is a real and live Ghost Crab (Ocypode ceratophthalma). The horn eyes, a characteristic of ceratophthalma ghost crab is clearly visible.I'm too curious to find out why this crab unwilling to move. I move to the front of the crab and realised that this crab just caught a rabbit fish and the fish is still struggling. This crab have not got time to enjoy his big catch and unwilling to lose this big meal. So rather stop and wait till the fish to stop struggle.
After a few shots and is time to move back as the tide is also coming back. I will post other things that I saw in my next posting. :-)

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  1. 20cm!!! Wow! Thats very close.