Sunday, March 1, 2009

Semakau marshland

I was with RMBR on their field trip at Semakau marshland last Saturday morning. The minute I cross the metal fence, there are lots of Tawny Coster butterfly (Acraea violae) which reminds me of Tuas marshland that I visited last year.

The abundance of their host plant Passiflora foetida certainly helps to boost the number of butterflies here.
Not sure what happen to this fruit break pre-maturely and is now taken over by this lynx spider.This butterfly almost invisible as the colour matches the background.This is my 1st sighting of this very beautiful shield bug.Dragonfly also made their way to this once barren landfill cell.
This gray heron flew past me that I thought was an eagle initially.
This photo tells all how and barren land slowly transform to forest. From vine, creeper, grass, shrub ...
Some part are still barren such as this patch. This is the sign of super hot weather recently.There are sandy patch on some area too.One of the wild flower (Sesuvium portulacastrum) that was abundance on Semakau now. The temperature continue to rise and is time to find shelter. I was half baked when we left Semakau about 11.30am.

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