Wednesday, January 28, 2009

'Underwater World' at Sentosa

This was my 2nd time visiting Sentosa within this week. I was here on Sunday, the eve of Chinese New Year for the Sentosa Flower 2009. However, I did not visit 'The Underwater World' of Sentosa where the animals are in captivity but instead I visit the inter-tidal area - the real underwater world of Sentosa where the animals are in their original habitats. The tide was not too low but low enough to go for another inter-tidal walk at Sentosa. From the photo, the Cruise is very close to where we explore.
The hermit crab (Clibanarius infraspinatus) was having fun playing hide & seek. Different from a true crab, hermit crab have long and soft abdomens as such are rely on 2nd hand shells to live on for protection.
I have been seeing this slug (Dendrodoris denisoni) for the last few trips on different shore perhaps is seasonal?The only sea star that I seen on this trip, a Common star (Archaster typicus)There are also a few anemones on the shore.Not a real fish but artificial bait that left behind by someone.Oncidium were out from their hiding during low tide too.On the rock surface at upper shore, nerites are abundance.The half eaten eel and their predator - a swimming crabMy 2nd time seeing this slug (Dermatobranchus sp.)This polka dot nudibranch (Jorunna funebris) is so small that their dots are not so visible yet.A very common sea cucumber that can be found at inter-tidal area - Holothuria leucospilota
Red egg crab ( Atergatis integerrimus) seems to be very common here as well.
and also their close relative - Brown egg crab (Atergatis floridus)A very cute crab that looks like a teddy bear - Hairy crab (Pilumnus vespertilio). This hairy structure give them a very good camouflage on the surface as well as underwater.I took this shot before I leave the inter-tidal area. However, it took me another hour plus queuing for transport before I reach the mainland as there are very crowded.

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