Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pay To Watch Sun Set?

Is watching sun set one of your itinerary when you travel oversea? Several places that I have visited is using watching sun set as one of their main attraction and you usually need to pay extra to go.

We are very fortunate and get to watch sun set almost everyday in Singapore. So, where are the good places for sun set watching? Since we are staying on a island, we may watch sun set from almost half of the singapore coastal area from East Coast all the way to West Coast.

Here are some of the photo that I have taken during sun set.
This was taken recently on Semakau during one of the low tide.
Marina Barrage with the busy city skyline on the back.The above are also taken on Semakau
And the above photos are taken on Labrador park.
Well, there are nice sun set by the sea in Singapore too!