Sunday, November 30, 2008

Morning Walk at Sungei Buloh

I reached Sungai Buloh around 8.15am this morning as it is before 8.30am, I got to enter the Wetland Reserve free s early bird bonus!
Saw this rather familiar insect near the entrance. A macro shot of this fly looks photogenic!
This insect may looks like fly however is not. Is the Mangrove Cicada (Purana tigrina). Cicada famous of making loud sounds and the sound level can even reach 100 db!Another closer look at the mangrove cicada.
Could this be a big-jawed spiders that stretches its front legs forward and close together?
This is the Mangrove St Andrew's spider (Argiope mangal) can be easily recognise by two zig-zag bands.This is another beautiful Red Tent Spider (Cyrtophora unicolor) like to hide under suspended leaf to avoid their predator.Another not so red tent spider.I have no idea what spider is this.This poor silverside fish killed by the structure that suppose to protect her.Of course Sungai Buloh is the best place in Singapore for those who into birding... photo above showing Common Redshank (Tringa totanus) still busy feeding when the tide is coming in.