Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another Low Tide @ Semakau

I was back at Semakau to gether with volunteers from HSBC, NTU & NUS to explore the inter-tidal area.

Since I'm the first person to go through the forest that leading to the tidal area, I make a quick stop to take this shot. The mushroom was blooming on a falling tree branch. The big squadron of 'kamikaze' (mosquitoes) surrounded me force me to give up and proceed straight to the coast.

The tide was still high when me & HW arrived at the sea grass lagoon. Waiting for us near the sea grass lagoon is this oscillated sea cucumber (Stichopus ocellatus).
We've been seeing noble volute laying eggs for the last one year and there is no exception this time. The volute is still laying eggs and at the same area too!

One of the advantage of evening/night walk is able to meet with nocturnal animals such as cowry and octopus.As usual, there are lots of flatworm at the sea grass lagoon as well as the reef area.HW found this very beautiful nudibranch (Discodoris boholensis) that one part of the body got bitten off.The under side as beautiful as the top!

There are lots more interesting animals that we came across on the not so low tide evening. Another fantastic outing for me at this southern island of Singapore.


  1. This is amazing. I am really interested in where you are when you took these pictures.

  2. All photos are taken on Semakau Island which is also a Singapore only landfill site during one of the inter-tidal walk. You can find more info about the walk at:

    Thanks for dropping by! :-)